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Tips For Packing Up Your Stuff Ahead Of Moving Day

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The days before moving day can be an exciting but stressful time. You will no doubt be working towards packing up all of your things for transit to your new house or apartment. Following along with some best practices when it comes to packing your things can make moving day go as smoothly as possible. To that end, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Use Boxes That Make Sense

When you are getting ready for a move, you might grab any empty cardboard box you can find. But make sure the boxes you get make sense for the items that will go inside. Putting smaller items inside a large box will lead to more shifting around or the waste of additional packing material to keep everything still. Likewise, cramming a large item into a smaller box could cause damage or cause the box to break while it's being moved. Make the most of what you have, but make sure each box is an appropriate size for the item or items that will be inside of it.

Pack Lighter Stuff on Top of Heavier Stuff

When packing your stuff, always put the heaviest object at the bottom of the box and then build up from there. Trying to shove a heavy item in on the top of the pile at the last minute is likely just going to lead to something getting crushed or otherwise damaged. This is one of the reasons you want to start packing well ahead of moving day so you don't have to make any drastic last-minute decisions about shoving something into a box it wasn't originally supposed to be inside of.

Packing Supplies Prevent Damage

If you don't yet have enough packing supplies for the move, it's time to stock up. Bubble wrap is useful, but you may also be able to get styrofoam inserts or other items that will be designed to ensure a box is completely full before it is sealed. The idea is that you don't want anything inside of the box to shift around or move at all while the box is being carried or in transit to the new place.

Consider Professional Help

Many storage facilities and moving companies sell packing supplies. In some cases, your movers might even assist with the packing of your items for an additional fee. Having someone else pack your stuff can ease your mind when you have so many other important things to worry about.