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How A Mini-Storage Unit Can Help You Manage A Overstuffed Clothes Closet

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If you own a lot of clothing, your closet may be stuffed so full that it's hard to find what you need. Even if the rest of your home is tidy and in order, it's often difficult to keep closets organized when you have a lot of things. If that sounds like you, consider renting a mini-storage unit. You can find small ones about the size of a closet.

Since it's small, it's less expensive than a full-sized unit like you would need to hold an entire house full of belongings. Here's how renting a mini storage unit could be useful.

1. You Can Clear Off-Season Clothes Out Of Your Closet

One way to free up space in your closet is to remove things you won't be wearing for a few months because they're out of season. You can box up the clothes or buy a wardrobe box from a moving company that allows you to hang clothes from a bar in a big box. A wardrobe box makes it easy to move things back and forth since you won't have to remove them from the hangers as long as you have a truck or way to transport the box.

When you store off-season clothes, you'll only have to go to your mini-storage unit a few times a year to switch clothes out, so it's convenient to use and you'll get to enjoy having a lot more space in your closet.

2. Your Special Occasion Clothing Is Protected

If you have clothing you wear to weddings, funerals, and special occasions, they may get shoved to the back of the closet and wrinkled. If you have more room in your closet, the clothing will store better and not be damaged.

You may even want to keep the clothes in your storage unit since you don't wear them very often. You can hang them in the storage unit and space them apart so they get plenty of air so you don't have to worry about wrinkles or mildew.

3. You Can Rid Your Closet Of Clothes That Don't Fit

If you hold on to clothes you've gotten too big to wear but feel like you'll lose weight someday, the clothes take up valuable space and are a constant reminder that you've gained weight. If you have a safe place to store the clothing in your rented mini-storage unit, you may finally get them out of your closet. The clothes will be in the unit and ready to pick back up if you do lose weight, and while you wait, the clothes won't be taking up valuable space.