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The Benefits Of Keyless Access For Self-Storage

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Are you tired of fiddling with a lock and key every time you need to access your storage unit? Maybe you’ve lost your key or you’re simply tired of having to keep track of yet another item. Whatever the reason, more and more self-storage facilities are now offering keyless access options. Here are some of the benefits of keyless access for self-storage and how it can make your storage experience more convenient and secure.


The convenience of keyless access is undeniable. With a keyless access system, you can enter your unique code or scan your fingerprint and be in your storage unit within seconds. This is particularly beneficial for those who visit their storage units frequently, as the ease of use can save you precious time and hassle.

Enhanced Security

Gone are the days of worrying about lost or stolen keys falling into the wrong hands. With a keyless access system, you are the only person with access to your unit. This means that even if someone else has access to the facility, they won’t be able to access your unit.

24/7 Access

With a traditional lock and key system, you may have limited access hours or need to call ahead to have someone meet you at the facility. Keyless access systems often allow for 24/7 access, allowing you to visit your unit whenever it’s most convenient for you. This is particularly useful for those who have unpredictable schedules or simply need access to their unit at odd hours.

Data Tracking

Many keyless access systems offer data tracking, which can provide valuable information about who has entered your unit and when. This can be especially helpful if you’re storing valuable items or need to keep track of inventory. With this data, you can easily stay on top of who has accessed your unit.

Lower Costs

While a keyless access system may come with a slightly higher upfront cost, it can ultimately save you money in the long run. Since there are no keys to replace if they get lost or stolen, you won’t need to pay for new locks or keys. Additionally, since keyless access systems can be integrated with other security features, such as cameras and alarms, you may be able to lower your insurance premiums.

Keyless access systems offer a wide range of benefits for those using self-storage facilities. They provide convenience, enhance security, offer 24/7 access, provide data tracking, and can ultimately save you money. 

Contact a storage facility to learn more about options like smartphone keyless access self-storage units.