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3 Reasons You Need A Commercial Storage Unit For Your E-Commerce Business

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Starting an e-commerce business is a great way to become your own boss and start a potentially lucrative new career. While many people start their e-commerce business as a side business for extra money, as your business becomes more profitable you need to find ways to manage your newfound growth. Commercial storage provides a practical solution to many growth-related problems faced by e-Commerce business owners. Here are three reasons you need a commercial storage unit for your e-Commerce business:

Your Inventory Is Taking Over Your House

When you began your e-Commerce business, it may have been simple to stash your extra inventory in a spare bedroom or corner of the garage. As your business grows, however, it's important to stay ahead of your growing inventory needs. Instead of expecting your family to deal with that growing stack of boxes that seems to be taking over every room of the house, rent a commercial storage unit to keep your inventory.

As your business continues to expand, you always have the option of upgrading to a larger unit to meet your inventory needs, without the expense of a warehouse facility. Your home won't be taken over by inventory, and it will be much easier to keep your inventory organized.

You Need a Quiet Space to Work

Running an e-Commerce business requires a lot of concentration and time spent emailing customers, updating your product listings and website, and tracking shipments and inventory. Working from home can be noisy and distracting, while renting an office space is cost-prohibitive for most small online business owners.

Renting a commercial storage unit that comes equipped with wifi, climate control, and electricity provides the perfect solution. You can store inventory in part of your commercial storage unit, and set up a desk, chair, computer, and basic office equipment in the remaining space. Whenever you need a quiet place to work, you can escape to your commercial storage unit. 

A Growing Business Requires Flexibility

A commercial storage unit is a flexible option that can grow and change with your e-Commerce business. Most storage facilities offer easy online payments or auto-pay solutions, making tracking your business expenses very easy. In addition, it is possible to find commercial storage units that don't require long-term lease agreements, or that allow you to upgrade to a larger space as your business expands. 

By renting a commercial storage unit, you can successfully manage your e-Commerce business growth and experience these benefits for yourself.