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What Self Storage Features Matter For Your Belongings?

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Some objects have more sensitivity needs than others, and your budget can complicate things even more. Between air conditioning (AC), security, 24-hour access, and even freezer services, there are a lot of different services to choose from. You don't need them all, and a few tips about certain storage needs can help you shop for individual features--or at least know what you're paying for if you're getting more services than you need.

Air Quality Control

Clean air, dust management, and temperature control and a few different levels of air quality control, and there are a few different features to give you varying levels of service.

Air conditioning is the most common feature, and should be considered a baseline feature. An increasing number of storage facilities include air conditioning as a standard service, but it's still possible to find facilities without air conditioning.

For anything that can't endure high temperatures around summer time, air conditioning is vital. The AC also provides different levels of dust and debris filtering depending on the type of filter in use. Finally, a passive function of AC units is humidity reductions. This is vital if you're keeping exposed metals or electronics in storage, just to reduce rust or corrosion.

Security Options

Protecting your belongings from theft is important, but in reality, some belongings just aren't worth a thief's prison risks.

If you're keeping a bunch of old clothing in trash bags or cardboard boxes, you don't need much more than a padlocked storage shed or the cheapest indoor storage unit you can buy. A padlock or a locked door is still a basic need, as you don't want people to casually walk off with your clothing. That's breaking in by law, but not really a hard task that thieves need to waste time and risk to complete.

For higher security needs of relatively new, useful belongings, an indoor facility is your best bet. Only customers and employees have a reason to be in the area, and the doors and walls are a much better barricade than a set of fences alone.

Better lighting indoors makes camera surveillance a lot easier as well. Increasing in quality and cost (in some cases), a security guard team that patrols the area either 24 hours or at night hours can help dissuade thieves who aren't afraid of a little camera risk.

Contact a self storage facility to discuss different features available for your belongings.

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