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3 Reasons To Rent Out A Storage Unit In College

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When you go to college, this is likely one of the first times you will be living on your own. When it comes to your belongings, you may want to consider renting out a storage unit for some of them. Here are three reasons to rent out a storage unit in college. 

Rent A Smaller Apartment 

When you have a storage unit to store some of your extra items in during college, this allows you to rent out a smaller apartment, or simply have more space for other items in your apartment. The items that you store are likely the ones that you only need during certain times of year, or are simply sentimental items that you don't want to get rid of, but simply don't have room for. Renting out a smaller apartment can allow you to save some money on rent and you can likely find a small storage unit to rent out for a very reasonable price. 

Store Your Items During An Internship 

Another important reason to rent out a storage unit while in college is if you get the news that you have an internship for the summer. You likely don't want to keep your apartment for the summer because this is a big expense for a space that you aren't even living in. You also may worry about your items because you aren't there to make sure that no one breaks in. A great way to save money and secure all of your items, is to store them in a storage unit for the course of your internship. The cost of renting out a single storage unit is likely much less than the cost of rent for your apartment and you know that no one can get into the locked storage unit to damage or steal your items. 

Don't Worry About Moving Stuff Home During The Summer

If you are going home for the summer, the last thing that you want to do is lug all of your items home just to bring them all back in the fall. This is time consuming and tedious, and it really isn't necessary. A great alternative to moving your items all the way home, is to instead move them into a storage unit for the summer. You can likely find a storage unit that is somewhat close to the location that you are renting, making it possible for you to take your items in loads, rather than having to rent any kind of moving vehicle. Also, you can determine the exact size and climate control features that your storage unit has, so as to ensure that all of your items not only fit inside, but are kept at the appropriate temperature over the summer.