Avoiding Common Storage Mistakes

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How to Prevent Items in Storage from Being Damaged by Moisture

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If you are going to be using a personal storage unit, one of your concerns may be taking the items out of storage and discovering that they have been damaged by moisture. Make sure you follow these steps to ensure that everything is protected in your storage unit.

Make Sure Items Are Dry

It's crucial that when items go into your storage unit they are completely dry. This may seem a bit obvious, but a common mistake people make is cleaning an item prior to storing it and still leaving moisture in the item. For example, you may wash clothes before putting them away, and some of the items may not be completely dry. You may also clean various items so that they do not go into storage dirty, but the cleaning process leaves a layer of moisture on them. If you are washing items, make sure that they are completely dry before you put anything into a box or sealed container.

Allow for Air Circulation

Try taking steps to make sure that air can circulate around items in the storage unit. One problem that can happen is when you rest items on a cold floor, moisture may be trapped on the bottom. Try to keep items slightly elevated on pallets or pieces of wood to allow air to circulate underneath them. You should also avoid packing items tightly against the walls for the same reason.

Use Silica Gel in Boxes with Electronics

Electronics can become damaged due to moisture damage if moisture gets inside the device. Condensation will settle on the internal components, such as a circuit board, which will eventually cause the part to rust. You may end up with an electronic device that has a shortened lifespan when you take it out of storage due to moisture damage. Thankfully, the simple solution to this problem is to put silica gel packets in the boxes with your electronic components. The packets absorb the moisture and prevent it from reaching the metal components in the device.

Rent a Climate-Controlled Unit

If you are worried about moisture damage, you can always rent a unit that has climate controls. The air will be circulated in the unit and remove the moisture from the air, ensuring that everything will be safe when it comes out of the storage unit. Reach out to a local storage facility for more information on climate-controlled storage units.