Avoiding Common Storage Mistakes

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3 Things That Can Help Keep Storage Units Organized

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Leasing a self-storage unit will provide you the space that you need to store the items that you're not ready to get rid of but don't really need lying around the house. How you load your items into the unit will play a big role in how convenient it is to find the things that you want when you need them. Here, you'll find a few tips that will help you stay on top of what's in your storage unit.

Picture Log

One of the easiest ways to keep track of what you have in the storage unit is by taking pictures and creating a log of everything in it. To do this, you can take pictures of each individual item or just general pictures of the bins of items. If you have bins full of similar stuff, there's really no need to take individual pictures, but if you're storing a wide variety of stuff in each bin, it will be easier for you to keep track of everything if you take individual pictures.

Once you have taken the pictures, you'll create a photo album on your phone or computer. Tag the pictures with short descriptions so you can do a quick search when you aren't sure if you have something in the unit. As you remove and add things, be sure to update your picture log or you'll end up just as confused as you'd be without taking the time to create the log.

Use Rolling Carts

Instead of stacking bins on top of each other and stuffing the storage unit so full that you can't get to the stuff in the back, use rolling carts under the stacks of bins. This will make it possible to pull entire stacks of bins out of the storage unit without having to lift and move each one individually. This will reduce the time that it takes for you to reach the stuff in the back while still utilizing every inch of space in the unit.

Hang Clothing

Instead of stuffing all of the clothing into bins, pick up a small wardrobe to put in the storage unit. Look for an enclosed wardrobe – the type that many college students use in their dorm rooms. This will protect the clothing as they are hung and make it so much easier to find an item when you need it.

Talk with the professionals at the storage facility to learn what else you can do to improve the organization of your storage unit.