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4 Essential Security Features To Look For In A Self-Storage Unit

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It's normal to realize the need for more storage, mostly when downsizing. Fortunately, you will find several self-storage unit providers in your area. Of course, when you rent the units, you expect them to serve you by protecting your possession.

After all, you pay for them because they are the best storage option you could find. However, it's good to be cautious when choosing the facility to rent. Various companies offer different self-storage facilities that differ in safety levels. So, below are four crucial security features you must consider.

Digital Surveillance

You rent a self-storage facility to safeguard your valued possessions. So, the storage unit should have CCTV cameras, at the very least to record all events happening around the unit. These cameras are a great deterrent to thieves. 

You'll need something that keeps a record of people who visit the site and the various units they access. Also, confirm that the security systems are classic and have minimal chances of lapse when recording. It's also crucial to ensure that the cameras are enough, all placed at strategic points. 

Modern Lock Systems

With the increased break-in rates, conventional lock systems are no longer very effective today. Therefore, when renting a self-storage facility, confirm it has unique lock systems inaccessible to third parties. In addition, padlocks are a bit common and may not be the best to use today. Instead, look for units with keypads, smart, or cam locks. You might also find key locks in other places, which could be ideal if the company limits operating hours. 

Sufficient Lighting

A self-storage unit with high illumination is crucial. It makes it easy for the cameras to record the activities without hindrance. That said, you don't want a facility with many dark corners, as they may turn into hiding spots for uninvited guests. Moreover, you can tour the facility you're about to rent at dusk to determine its lighting. Don't settle for a facility if it lacks lighting in the hallways, outside, and at the reception. 

Good Fence

A good fence is an excellent security feature in any storage facility. Therefore, the storage unit you choose should have a fence around its perimeter. In addition, the fence should be firm and difficult for anyone to climb. On the other hand, avoid settling for units with a chain link fence, as it may not be effective in keeping criminals away.

Above are some security essentials you should consider before renting a self-storage unit. However, it is crucial to note that these security features cannot protect your valuables from natural calamities like flooding and earthquakes. Therefore, it would be best to take additional protection measures when using these units.

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